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School Project: The brief was to rethink the Danish public library in a setting that was better equipped and oriented towards the future. Rasmus Anker and I made a concept to join the services of all the public libraries in one single place and provide the user with personalized recommendations.
Rasmus and I did the concept, UX and art direction together and in addition to that, my main focus was to develop and create the animated 3d environment.

Core logo
Core letter
Core card front
Core card back
Core envelope

School Project: Our assignment was to rebrand the Architect firm Claus Bjarrum Arkitekter under their new name Core.
The strategy behind the project is to show that potential residents or people in other ways affected by Core’s creations, are an important part of their work. As a part of that we gave them the new tagline "It’s about the space we share".
This was a group assignment where my primary task was art direction and designing of the logo and paper line.

Danmarks Smukkste Festival Peter Sommer page
Danmarks Smukkste Festival frontpage

Second year exam: The brief was to rebrand an old traditional Danish music festival as a contemporary festival with a stronger appeal to a younger audience. The idea behind the new visual identity is to emphasize that Danmarks Smukkeste Festival is a modern festival with a superb location in the most beautiful nature scenery of Denmark that distances it from other festivals. This is also the reason we chose the Danish name ‘Danmarks Smukkeste Festival’ (‘Denmark’s most beautiful festival").
I also made a concept for an interactive installation called Danmarks Smukkeste Udsigt (Denmark's most beautiful view) where the users can share their best moments of the festival from the base of the installation via smartphone images.

School Project: ‘Game changers’ is an issue of an interactive Adidas magazine called ‘Originals’. The idea behind the magazine is to focus on a selection of different influential people that wore/wear Adidas apparel and present them and their achievements by using creative UI to support their stories.
The magazine was made in collaboration with Andreas Bjørn Hansen, Mikkel Hendeliowitz, Frederik Elleby Christensen.

First year exam: I created a name, visuel identity and a video ad for a Copenhagen based food festival for kids and young people. The name ‘Køkkenhavn’ is a contraction of the Danish word for kitchen (køkken) and Copenhagen (København) and it correlates well with the tagline "Vi skal lege med maden" ("we're going to play with food").

Screen shot from Drug money video
Screen shot from Drug money video

School Project: An intro for a TV concept where the viewer follow different drugs and their trail of money all the way from the manufacturer to the end user.

School Project: Logo and ident for a fictional production company that produces video news bulletins.